About Us

HHConsulting was formed in 2016 to provide business and technology consulting to a variety of clients in the small to medium business size range. HHConsulting’s goal is to assist an underserved market in the realm of business and technology consulting.

HHConsulting focuses on our services to provide client centered solutions. We accomplish this through “project design” meetings with the client to understand their immediate needs and what is needed to ensure our clients continued growth needs are met.

Here at HHConsulting we have a never ending drive to provide quality service and superb customer satisfaction. Understanding and meeting our clients’ needs is the best advertisement and vote of confidence a consulting firm could have.

Our professionals have over 13 combined years in the service areas we provide. The continued growth of our technical and business acumen allows our staff to stay current and knowledgeable about our client’s options.

We pride ourselves in developing strategic partnerships with proven professionals who can assist in developing a full client strategy for success.

Thank you for taking the time to consider us for you consulting needs,